Friday, February 8, 2008

Presentation and Communication Activity Rules

As you may remember, last month we had discussions in class and posted the results to the class blog. Reading everyone’s opinions, which had varied quite a bit, we’ve decided on the following. Please let us know if you have any opinions or comments.

1) “Presentation” Activities:

  • You may choose between either a podcast or show and tell
  • You may work either in small groups or alone
  • Podcasts should be on “My Favorite Thing/Person/Place,” and about five minutes long
  • Show and Tell presentations should also be on “My Favorite Thing/Person/Place” and about five minutes long
  • For either activity, you will be required to do one rewrite based on feedback from your classmates and others

2) “Communication” Activities
  • Posts and comments should each be made approximately every two weeks. Don’t worry if they are a little bit late, but don’t abuse this policy. Remember, the most important part is to post and comment consistently!
  • You should comment on the blogs of at least two other people.
  • Each post should be about 8-10 sentences in Japanese.


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